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As an employer, have you considered your responsibilities to staff when they travel by taxi, not only during the day, but also when working after hours?

Today, with the increased cost of operating company fleets, many employers are using other local travel options, including taxis, for their staff.

A reputable taxi company provides you as an employer and your staff members with “peace of mind” for travel, including

  • Full health and safety policies: For example, reputable taxi companies monitor their drivers’ work through a log book and tracking system.  A driver’s “work” hours are monitored rather than just his or her “driving” hours. The monitoring of actual “work” hours helps prevent any possibility of driver fatigue
  • Reputable taxi companies and drivers have commercial and public liability insurance. This confirms to employers and staff that taxi companies and drivers stand by their business for your protection
  • An inside camera which offers protection for both your staff and the driver. The visible camera helps prevent situations from developing, an important preventative measure and stops such incidents as “he said, she said” as to what happened in the taxi. The taxi company will fully investigate complaints, and GPS tracks exactly where the vehicle has been.  The subsequent investigation can result in serious disciplinary action against the driver including dismissal or possible referral to the police
  • If there is an issue affecting the safety of the car, including the driver and passengers, the driver can trigger a panic button for help
  • Safe and modern vehicles with GPS tracking:  Certificates of fitness are monitored and strictly enforced
  • Audited, fully licensed and trained drivers with area knowledge
  • First aid training offered to drivers
  • The latest in billing systems such as TaxiCharge: all trips fully traceable.
  • Charges, fleet livery and vehicle number clearly displayed: your staff member can be assured that their taxi is “bona fide”
  • Contact with a 24-hour call centre

*This information was supplied by taxi billing system TaxiCharge NZ Ltd, the New Zealand Taxi Federation and the Blue Bubble Group.

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