NZ-Founded Organisation Makes ‘Most Influential Company’ List

New Zealand-founded advocacy body 4 Day Week Global has been named as a TIME100 Most Influential Company.

A statement from the organisation says it secured the accolade by “leading the global conversation about reduced work time, conducting research on the benefits, and facilitating thousands of companies from numerous sectors to make the permanent transition to reduced-hour, output-focused working with no loss of pay.”

Appearing alongside giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Disney, 4 Day Week Global says it has made an impact on the world of work.

Since its inception in 2019, “the concept of a 4 day week has quickly evolved from a fanciful notion to a prosperous reality, with countless organisations and many governments now experimenting with their 100-80-100 model.”

Over the past year, the non-profit has published research detailing the experience of companies on their 4-day week pilot programmes across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

It says findings are unanimously positive “with significant reductions in levels of stress, burnout and fatigue. Participants also enjoy remarkable business outcomes, with increased levels of retention and drops in absenteeism observed.”

Andrew Barnes, Entrepreneur and 4 Day Week Global co-founder says: “You don’t get many chances to change the world. What started as a small experiment at a single company [Perpetual Guardian] in 2018 has swiftly become an unstoppable movement. At the rate it’s growing, I believe the reduced-hour approach to work will become mainstream policy within the next five years.”

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