Management April 2016

Digital pushback: Is there a resurgence of the tangible?
In this overwhelmingly digital age, are people craving the tangible, the tactile, the unique and the physical experience of something? Is there a pushback at the rise and rise of technology? It may not be a trend as such, but there certainly seems to be movement that way.

Professional development guide

IP finance: the asset class that fell to earth
IP lending is not a solution looking for a problem – it’s a solution to a problem whose time may actually have come

Sharing the value
CSV, Creating Shared Value, is a concept that’s challenging current business strategies around the world

Growing great minds
There is a strong correlation between a “growth mind-set’ culture and better performing businesses.

From market leader to market leadership.

Unique people make unique businesses.

How to make networking easy.

How to create an engaging place to work.

Choosing an appropriate leadership style.

Social media
Social media goodness.

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