Management August 2016

Bring it on: Kerry Prendergast on relishing the challenges

Kerry Prendergast is a woman shouldering a big workload but this energetic, tireless and energising board chair relishes every moment of it.

The digital psychological divide
Will the next wave of technological advances render in-person human connectivity irrelevant? Can all our needs be met virtually and does the digital world that we now inhabit run the risk of creating a generation of emotionally avoidant, detached, and blunted people? By Shoba Sreenivasan and Linda E. Weinberger.

Donald Trump and the art of the reboot
As situations change, teams change. In other words, they reboot. While Mario Moussa and Derek Newberry claim no special insight into Donald Trump’s Republican nomination, as teamwork experts they feel the candidate deserves credit on this key point.

The millennial question?
What qualities are millennials going to need to step up as the new generation of leaders? And how can we support them? By Christine Wattie.

Fleet management: Making an industry more productive, efficient and safer
Every industry is on the threshold of change and perhaps none more so than the transportation sector. How we get from A to B in the future may be very different from the way we do so today. So how is that driving change in the fleet management business? What sort of change do organisations have to look forward to and what should they be considering today?

How to promote allegiance in your workers.

Valuing time together.

Managing for a better world
Performance and career.

Strategic to-do list for truly uncertain times.

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