Management February 2015

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Leading Serko
“If you can communicate the story, then you can front the business. If you can’t, you need to step aside.”
Darrin Grafton, CEO of Serko on travel, tech and talking the talk.
By Patricia Moore.

Execs and leaders on the move
Young Executive of the Year 2014
Read and be curious. Expose yourself to different ideas and industries. And stretch yourself. That’s the advice of Mike Lewis, winner of the Deloitte Top 200, NZIM/ Eagle Technology Young Executive of the Year award for 2014. 

The growing importance and value of Board Evaluations
Good boards are realising that evaluation is a great deal more than box-ticking compliance, and that much can be gained from using an external facilitator.
The leader as coach
To be an effective leader, you must be an effective coach.
Keeping clients in a competitive market
To stay in business, you better be delivering the best quality customer experience in your part of the market.
2015: Challenges, trends and opportunities
Business leaders share their views on the opportunities, trends and challenges for their industries and companies for the upcoming year.
Aligning corporate strategy with financial targets
Business success naturally flows from investing in the right growth opportunities to build shareholder value.
Storytelling: The heart of leadership
Storytelling is the most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.
Today’s generation of connected travellers need to be able to use their mobile devices to manage their trip.
Put a cap on top pay?
A pre-shot routine for leaders.
People management
New Year’s management resolutions.
The demographic transformation of New Zealand and its impact on your business plan.
Be here now.
Stand in the place you are; sitting is the new smoking.
Paying staff in a changing world.
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