Management February 2016

Inspiring leadership: How Te Papa and its Gallipoli exhibition delivered

New Zealand’s national museum Te Papa hasn’t had a smooth ride over the past three years as it struggled with annual deficits, a structural defect in the way it was funded and loss-making exhibitions. But the 2014/15 year, ending in June, has seen it deliver a complete financial and operating turnaround and produce its most successful exhibition ever. Management asked chairman Evan Williams how they did it.

Inspiring leadership: Building a dynasty

In today’s corporate world the concept of working for the greater good, rather than solely a commercial outcome, is increasingly gaining traction. But it is still something of a rarity to see an organisation which centres its business philosophy around family, community, integrity, courage and on building a dynasty.
By Annie Gray.

A sporting chance
It’s the glamour end of the sponsorship wheel – corporate sponsorship of New Zealand’s top sports teams and athletes and it’s worth a great deal of money. It’s also an area where both parties seem to be pretty happy with the results.
By Patricia Moore.

Social Media insight:
An emoji is worth a thousand words. (*Mic Drop*)
Language is changing so quickly that gone are the days of LOL – using that, according to a Facebook study, labels you as ‘old’. Fiona Powell explains why the Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year for 2015 is the emoji.

Safety: Your workers are the solution
Contact Energy is changing its approach to safety, shifting from a reactive, rules-based culture to one of collaborative learning and empowerment of those working at the ‘sharp end’ where safety risks are managed every day. And this change is producing major improvements in safety.
By Shaun Jones.

Power through partnerships
Collaboration is no longer just a strategy for any business or industry – it is a vital component to long-term business success, says Fiona Hewitt.

What makes for great leadership?
By Jasbindar Singh.

Finding the ‘Goldilocks’ salary point.
By John McGill.

Are solutions becoming a problem for your business?
By Suvi Nenonen and Kaj Storbacka.

High performance teams.
By Kate Kearins. 


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