Management June 2017

Managing a path to wisdom
David Pauleen and Ali Intezari interviewed dozens of senior managers and discovered three fundamental skills of wise decision-making.

Your network matters more than networking
Networking still matters, but it’s the network leaders build around themselves that matters more, writes Janine Garner. 

First time CEO: How to make the transition to the top role
Many a New Zealand leader is likely to one day be vying to become CEO, to take on a position where his or her vision and ability to bring a team along with them will ensure the future success of their organisation. For some it will be the pinnacle of their career. So how do first time CEOs make the transition and what challenges do they face? By Annie Gray.

A green office could increase productivity
Building green has entered the mainstream in New Zealand and incorporating sustainability into buildings is becoming standard business practice. And it seems a green building is something that will make your employees more productive too.

The need to embrace change: Survey shows two-thirds of Kiwi projects fail
A recent survey of project management in New Zealand has found that around two-thirds of projects undertaken are failing; only 29 percent of projects are delivered on budget, 21 percent are delivering on benefits and 33 percent meet original goals or business objectives.

Working with future leaders
Jane McCarroll offers tips and strategies to help your interns be successful and to help you develop your own leadership skills at the same time.

Social Media
Analytics and privacy.

What the settlement for residential care employees means.

Corporate Style
Got a smelly employee?

Managing for a better world
Diversity of face and of thought.

When to stop a new venture.

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