Management May 2015

Why diversity is today’s most important management performance issue

Diversity of thought is needed around every possible management and board table, according to Sovereign CEO Symon Brewis-Weston.

Five steps to enhance your leadership personality 

One useful way to better understand yourself as a leader is to understand your personality, says Iain McCormack.
Become an innovateur: reflect, experiment and disrupt
Is it time to introduce some truly innovative thinking into your corporate processes?
How CFOs play a key role in value generation
The time is right to give more focus to value generation and for the strategic CFO to participate in the pursuit of growth, say Jeff Jackson and Tony Street.
The power of change
The need to constantly adapt could become a natural part of our everyday world, giving us not only the capability to understand and to cope but the willingness and openness to evolve as well.
The changing nature of leadership
The ‘command and control’ style of leadership does not fit well with millennials. However, it’s not just this generation that are beginning to question the traditional structures of work. 

Special feature:
Health and wellbeing

Peak performance: How business leaders maintain their own health and well-being.
Selective amnesia
Wake up
Getting fit for the future
The Lee Kuan Yew approach to public sector pay.
Seven tips for when you have lost your mojo.
Social Media
What’s hot in social networking?
Books and blogs
IMNZ’s Focus on Management:
A year of change; seeking your young dynamic leaders; ASB invests in Maori talent; member profile; course calendar; a refreshed national focus.




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