Management October 2015

Emergency response

When things turn ugly, when you, or your family, are in need of immediate help and rescue, chances are one of the 11 rescue helicopter trusts around the country will be ready to come to your aid. So what does it take to lead an organisation charged with saving lives on a daily basis? And how does it differ from leading in the corporate world?

Everything is connected

Massive technology-led disruption across all industries is moving everyone and everything globally towards a state of ‘connected everything’ where into the 2020s, tens of millions of people will be connected by trillions of things and applications as a result of connected industries.

Getting onto the international conference map
In the year to June 2015, 540,000 delegates attended 5,500 local and international business events in New Zealand and that represents a lot of economic benefit to the cities and towns where these conferences are held. But how well does New Zealand stack up internationally for the burgeoning business sector?

You are not busy, you are remarkable
Women in the corporate world need to banish the word ‘busy’ from their life and instead concentrate on being ‘remarkable’.

Rugby is the winner on the day
If leaders embraced some of the behaviours, standards and culture that Steve Hansen and others have committed to within the All Blacks, would that provide an even greater win for us all?

Collaborative leadership – operating beyond functional boundaries
Turning your intellectual understanding of the concept of collaborative leadership into a way of operating requires you to understand yourself, your stakeholders and your network, and to build relationships without power and influence.

Values as a business foundation.

What is the future of human resources?

Leadership and building coalitions of support.

Are you benchmarking yourself into oblivion?

Social Media
Social media spring clean.

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