March 12, 2002

Kick Those Bossy Habits

Everyone’s got them, personal quirks and annoying habits that irritate staff. If left unchecked, these can become unattractive parts of your managerial style.

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Magazines Still Relevant

A survey by Research International showed that Management magazine is read regularly and thoroughly by senior management in the country’s largest companies. Two hundred and fourteen senior executive readers of

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Perks That Work When Less Means More

First class travel, a regular lawnmowing service or cable television might seem reasonable perks for the mobile manager. But, warn recruiters, look out for a new perk – a balance of work and life.

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Use It Or Lose It

It’s common problem. You’re digging around for information and you discover the answer lies with someone who doesn’t work there anymore, or that the same problem was solved elsewhere in

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Workplace trends in 2001

The year 2000 was one of high-flying action – Y2K issues came to head, the unstoppable growth of the dot-coms finally hit brick wall, Generation-X made itself known to boardrooms

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