March 27, 2003

Politics A Dialogue of the Deaf

There is problem with the growth argument. Different people mean different things. The result is dialogue of the deaf. ACT, the National party, the Business Roundtable and Business New Zealand

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Literacy’s bottom-line benefits

Workplace literacy programmes are paying off for employers according to Workbase, the national centre for workplace literacy and language. The payback on workplace literacy programmes adopted by three New Zealand

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Backup Being Tough is Just Nuts

I might have known it would happen. I’d just finished reading emotional intelligence guru Daniel Goleman’s dialogue with the Dalai Lama, Destructive Emotions, and was getting in touch with my

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Evaluating Performance Evaluating Individual Performance? Try feedforward instead of feedback

There is a growing school of thought that feedback, even that delivered through the much-vaunted 360-degree process, is more destructive than helpful when it comes to evaluating individual performance. Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith suggests trying “feedforward” – a phrase he coined in a discussion with John Katzenbach, author of The Wisdom of Teams, Real Change Leaders and Peak Performance.

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Corporate Governance Local Body Governance – How does it rate?

Financial stakeholders, who are probably more risk tolerant than most, undoubtedly lament the impact poor corporate governance has on their personal fortunes. But, if the quality of governance in the public sector isn’t up to scratch, we all suffer the consequences. Should we be worried? For instance, how high is the standard of corporate governance in our currently transforming local body sector?

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Bookcase A Wealth of Reading

The Wealth of Knowledge By: Thomas Stewart Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Price: $75 You can find out more about the author of this book by reading the Management interview on page

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