April 6, 2005

TECH NOUS Beware Of The Botnets

We live in sick, sick internet world. It’s not enough that hackers throw viruses, worms and other disgusting sounding malicious threats at our computer systems – we now have the

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POLITICS A Fiddly Business

Six years ago the Labour party promised 95 percent of people would pay no more income tax. Some promise. Labour’s ploy was to reassure the great majority of taxpayers that

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NZIM 60 Years On – Cause for Celebration

While Management magazine turns 50 this month, for the New Zealand Institute of Management 2005 marks an even greater milestone, 60 years of commitment to lifting management capability and standards. It hasn’t always been an easy road.

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BOOKCASE Psychopaths & Silence

Working with Monsters By: John Clarke Publisher: Random House Australia, 2005 Price: $26.95 I perked up when I saw John Clarke had written Working with Monsters; I imagined my old

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ECONOMICS Nepotism & Kinship

Arguments about nepotism were among the by-products of the furore over Te Wananga o Aotearoa, the Te Awamutu-based tertiary educational institution with huge appetite for public money. Whereas Education Minister

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COVER STORY Jordyn’s Generation – The face of management in 2030

Meet Jordyn Kamuhemu. She’s six years old, likes to dance, draw pictures and play in the pool. In 25 years’ time she could be a nano-technologist, winemaker or business leader. Who knows? Certainly her world will be critically different to the one in which managers operate today. But in what ways? And what will that mean for the managers of 2030?

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