April 22, 2008

INTOUCH : Defrauding NFPs

Losing money to fraud is destructive to any business but in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector the impact can be even more negative – undermining volunteer morale and tarnishing the organisation’s

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INTOUCH : Executive Pulse

An economy is said to enter recession when there is negative growth for two consecutive quarters (the economy gets smaller over six-month period). Do you think New Zealand is entering

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INTOUCH : Indian women at work

How do ethnic minorities integrate into the New Zealand workforce? That’s question explored in recently launched book that narrates the experiences of Indian women whose roles range from senior manager

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INTOUCH : Visionary thinking

Here’s refreshingly different way to create an organisational vision and mission statement – paint it, don’t write it. That is exactly what Kerridge and Partners, an aggressively growing three-year-old Auckland-based

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INTOUCH : NZIM Southern collaborates

NZIM Southern has signed an agreement with Canterbury Young Professionals that offers extensive benefits to both organisations. “Synergy from Gen Y and baby boomers coming together will be around mentoring,

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INTOUCH : Saving for the Future

Investing responsibly is not an option but an imperative, according to professor Prakash Sethi, renowned academic and senior policy advisor to the United Nations Global Compact. Sethi, president of the

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