January 25, 2010

STRATEGY : Plan Boldly – Act Cautiously

“Big Bang” solutions have a nasty habit of turning into fizzers – remember Robert Muldoon’s energy strategies of the late 1970s and early ‘80s? With a few new big-bang changes – such as Auckland’s emerging Super City – close at hand, Gerard La Rooy spells out his message for the times.

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George Gould PGG Wrightson has appointed descendant of the founder of the original company to its board. Gould is the chairman and major shareholder of Christchurch investment company Gould Holdings

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NZIM : The Global Perspective – Why AAMO is important

The world is closing in. To survive and, more importantly, to succeed in tomorrow’s international marketplace it is important to understand how other economies work, other managers manage and to understand where New Zealand fits in the global scheme of things. NZIM Northern CEO Kevin Gaunt reports back from a recent international management forum held in Chennai, Madras.

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FINANCE : Another DFC! – Do we really need one?

The Development Finance Corporation collapsed 20 years ago last October. At the time, Sandy Maier was chief executive of Citibank, but then was appointed the DFC’s statutory manager and led the restructuring. He reflects on this episode in New Zealand’s banking history and considers the validity of calls to set up another DFC.

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executive development

NZIM courses See page 53 www.nzimnorthern.co.nz, www.nzimcentral.co.nz, www.shortcourses.ac.nz 8-9 Mental Toughness. Auckland. University of Auckland Short Courses. www.shortcourses.ac.nz 10-11 Essential Project Leadership. Wellington. Project Plus. www.shortcourses.ac.nz 10-11 Finance for Non-Financial

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