June 24, 2010

IN TOUCH : Ego-surfing is good for you

Googling yourself is good thing to do regularly, if you’re professional and especially if you’re job-hunting, says head hunter. Although some dub it ‘ego-surfing’, Megan Alexander, the general manager of

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IN TOUCH : Goodbye secrets

What happens to the information on the hard drives of printers, scanners, fax machines and multifunctional devices (MFDs) when they’re sold or returned to the lease company? Recent discoveries in

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IN TOUCH : Local is Hot

From China to Scotland, local is the hottest topic in international food right now. Hot enough for both European and US government agencies to fund local food marketing initiatives and

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IN TOUCH : The future of manufacturing

A groundbreaking graduate scheme aimed at boosting the capability of the Wellington region’s manufacturing sector is looking for companies for the first of its 2010 intakes. The management development scheme,

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IN TOUCH : Trillion Dollar Fraud

Frauds committed by owners and executives are more than nine times as costly as employee frauds, new worldwide survey has shown.  Executive-level frauds also took much longer to detect than

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IN TOUCH : Winning Workers

Workers aspire to live lives they have reason to value, says researcher from Victoria University. Dr Jane Bryson says her research study showed workers want to be capable humans –

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