July 13, 2011

Capital gains tax debate heats up

A proposal to introduce a capital gains tax, formally confirmed in Labour’s tax policy announcement yesterday, would appear to have the support of the new head of the Government’s economic adviser, The Treasury. Its new secretary Gabriel Makhlouf says such a tax would rebalance a distortion in the economy that favours property investment, as Executive Update’s economic correspondent Bob Edlin reports.

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Capitalising on green growth opportunities


New Zealand can turn global interest in “green growth” into economic growth by responding effectively to fundamental changes now occurring around the world in consumer preferences, business strategies and government policies.

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NZ back on its feet

The twice-delayed release of GDP growth figures for the March quarter, finally tabled yesterday, took everyone by surprise with the economy growing by an impressive 0.8% – well above what even the most optimistic forecasters had plumped for.

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Recognising responsible governance

Entries are being invited for the 2011 Kensington Swan Responsible Governance Award, a major category award within this year’s 22nd annual Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 Awards programme.

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Seven personality traits of top salespeople

Given the same sales tools, level of education, and propensity to work, why do some salespeople succeed where others fail? The evidence suggests that the personalities of truly great salespeople play a critical role in determining their success.

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The Last Word: Sheila C Bair

“Wall Street seems all too ready to return to the same untenable business practices that brought it to its knees less than three years ago. And some in government who claim to be representing Main Street seem all too ready to help,” says Sheila C Bair, who stepped down last week as chair of the USA’s banking regulatory agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC).

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