Capitalising on green growth opportunities


That’s the view of the Green Growth Advisory Group which has released discussion paper setting out important areas New Zealand needs to tackle to take advantage of global interest in green growth.

The Government-appointed independent advisory group, chaired by Phil O’Reilly, CEO of Business New Zealand, is inviting public comment in response to its “Green Growth – Issues for New Zealand” paper.

O’Reilly says economic growth across much of the world will increasingly come from the development and adoption of more efficient and ‘greener’ technologies, products and practices. “Making credible claims about the integrity of products and services – including their environmental integrity – will be increasingly important for access to markets, for earning ‘green’ price premiums and, potentially, for even retaining current price margins,” he says.

The advisory group sees green growth opportunities for New Zealand arising from our open, trade-dependent economy with strong reliance on primary sector exports and tourism. But O’Reilly says the move towards low-carbon economy will need support from business, government and the community.

The advisory group is seeking public input on three green growth topics set out in its terms of reference as being of special importance to New Zealand:

1. How New Zealand, and in particular government agencies, can help exporters leverage greater value in international markets from our “clean, green” brand.

2. Opportunities for smarter use of existing technologies and innovation, as well as greater development and adoption of new technologies (including clean technologies) in our productive sectors.

3. Options for our small and medium sized businesses to move to lower carbon economy while sustaining the desired level of productive growth.

The full discussion paper is available on and submissions on this website can be made up until September 20. The advisory group, whose seven members are drawn from the business and science communities, will consider these and discuss key issues with decision-makers throughout New Zealand before reporting to the Government on green growth policy options by the end of the year.


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