September 27, 2011

Cover Story: LINK OR SWIM NZ’s Asian choice

Recent ructions in the Eurozone could give New Zealand the hurry-up it needs to strengthen links in the Asian region. If so, we’d better jump to. Asian economies are locking in trade with each other as the European and US economies falter.

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Exec Car Leasing: Image is everything

As corporate New Zealand finally begins to pull itself out of a tough recession, the car and fleet lease market has noticed a shift towards smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. But Hayley Barnett finds it’s not all about cost cutting. Businesses are becoming aware that if they want to keep on side with their customers they need to prove they’re making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Leadership: In search of a true story

The management world is suddenly awash with tales about just how effective storytelling is as core leadership competency. The thinking goes something like this. Storytelling, like the opposable thumb, differentiates

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Mindful Leadership: Fit to lead? It’s in the mind

The state of the executive body and mind are increasingly valuable corporate currency. Wellness programmes are more than ever woven into everyday executive life. Fitness of mind is the new priority. For a growing number it comes packaged in a 2500 year-old box of tricks called mindfulness.

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Responsible governance: Maori and Mighty River Power

Mighty River Power has made an impressive effort to understand and promote the value of strong partnerships with Maori business enterprises. What it has learned in the process is central to its commercially and culturally enlightened governance practices. This is the sixth and final article in Reg Birchfield’s series on responsible governance.

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