February 15, 2012

Asian flavour

Executive Update carries a distinctive Asian flavour this time as the Government unleashes its big plan for Kiwis to make inroads into China and ANZ’s David Green warns Kiwis they need to brush up their thinking on the Middle Kingdom.

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Back to the future

Pundits’ predictions on the shape of the future keep pouring in. Here’s our pick of the latest lot. They laser in on the future of financial services, how tribalism inevitably carves world trade into Anglo-, Sino- and Indospheres, and what’s on the horizon this year for consumer technology. 

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Mahon sends Crafar warning

The recent approval for the Shanghai Pengxin Group to buy New Zealand’s Crafar farms was a seminal event in this country’s economic evolution, says David Mahon in his latest “China Watch” review.

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McKinsey’s picks for China in 2012

McKinsey’s Shanghai-based director Gordon Orr has come out with 10 predictions for China this year. In essence, he says that despite food price inflation and a stagnant housing market, China should maintain a rapid rate of growth.

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