Who cares about brands?

Its Meaningful Brands report asked 50,000 consumers in 14 market countries about 300 brands across 10 industry sectors.

Overall, they said only 20 percent of brands are having positive impact on their sense of wellbeing and quality of life. Most people said they wouldn’t care if 70 percent of brands disappeared in the future.

Consumers in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America are more attached to brands, reporting they would be concerned if 53 percent of brands ceased to exist. This compared to 12 percent in Europe and 18 percent in the US.

Consumers in China and Chile are the most active when considering environmental, social and ethical aspects when purchasing.

Havas Media will release research homing in on the Japanese market in March.

Overall, the top 10 global brand picks were

1. IKEA 2. Google 3. Nestle 4. Danone 5. Leroy Merlin 6. Samsung 7. Microsoft 8. Sony 9. Unilever 10. Bimbo

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