10 Top Tips: Meet the new boss

No matter where they sit on the organisational chart, most people answer to someone else at work. When new person takes on that role, your job may remain the same, but major change is ahead.
Your relationship with your boss is critical to your overall job satisfaction and performance, so it’s important to start off on the right foot. Here are 10 tips to help you get off to great start.

Become the go-to person
Find out your manager’s top priorities and do what you can to support them. This extra effort will show early on that you’re reliable member of the team.

Share information
If your boss is new to the organisation, share any information that can make the person’s transition little easier, such as the fact that the company president prefers communication via email to hard-copy, or that the department’s social drinks are in two weeks.

Be prepared for changes
Make sure you understand your new manager’s expectations. Projects that were high on the agenda before may not be anymore. For example, you may have been researching new supplier, but now must switch your attention to training, which your boss considers higher priority.

Have an open mind
Try to give your boss the benefit of the doubt during the first few months on the job. For example, if your manager asks to be kept in the loop on every project, no matter how small, he or she may not be micro-managing you but rather trying to learn about all of the assignments within the group.

Don’t look back
Unless asked, it’s generally best to avoid talking about the way things used to get done under the previous manager. Your new boss may have fresh ideas and solutions that benefit everyone.

Aim to please
Pay attention to your manager’s preferences. Does your new boss seem more responsive when you stop by his or her office with questions than when you send emails? Does your manager want frequent updates on projects or provide plenty of autonomy?

Adopt flexible approach
Adjust your work style, if needed, so you’re in sync with your boss.

Be positive
Working for new manager can bring great deal of uncertainty, but there also is the potential for positive changes. Welcome your new boss with an open mind and supportive attitude.

Do the groundwork
You will set the stage for strong working relationship during the transition period and beyond.

A new role is new opportunity to demonstrate how capable you are. This is the time to get stuck in and make the most of it. M

Megan Alexander is general manager of Robert Half New Zealand.

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