Asia Pacific Web Surfers World’s Most Active

As the internet universe grows to 390 million users, the Asia Pacific is now the engine-room of that growth, according to the latest Global Internet Index released Nielsen//NetRatings.
Measuring Internet usage in 23 countries, the April edition found “Net surfers across Asia Pacific were the most active users of the web. The worldwide web population had grown to 390 million people, an increase of 10 million over the previous month.”

Key findings:
For the first time, New Zealand web surfers joined Australian surfers in being the “stickiest ” in the world (spending an average 52 secs per page).
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan showed consistently high Internet usage figures in April compared to world averages (see table); surfers in Asia Pacific (APAC) were the world’s highest web pages viewers on per region basis.
The four top nations in the world in terms of page views per person were all APAC markets: South Korea topped the charts with 90 web pages viewed per person, followed by Taiwan (76), Hong Kong (62) and Singapore (56).
South Koreans visited 26 unique sites per month (second only to Belgium), followed closely by Hong Kong (25 sites), Singapore (22), New Zealand (19) and Australia & Taiwan (17).
South Korean surfers spent the most time online in the world (42 minutes), followed by Hong Kong (38 minutes). Surfers in Taiwan and Australia also spent significant amount of time online by world standards with 36 minutes and 35 minutes respectively.

(number of unique sites per month)
CountryNumber of Time spent Number of Stickiness
unique sites per surfing page views per(duration of a
visitedsessionsurfing sessionpage viewed)

1South Korea260:41:59900:28

2Hong Kong250:38:44620:37


4New Zealand190:27:30320:52



Global Average150:31:2744

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