Being a good talker still the key to workplace success

According to the Kelly Index, 27 percent of all Kiwis are very active in using social media to enhance their personal brand, while 34 percent describe themselves as somewhat active. However, despite using the latest technological tools to get ahead in an increasing competitive workplace, many of the traditional skills of personal branding are still seen as the most effective. Close to 70 percent of respondents felt the most important element of personal branding is possessing good verbal communication skills, followed by written communication skills, technical knowledge and good resumé.

Kelly Services New Zealand managing director Debbie Grenfell says in an increasingly competitive employment market, New Zealand employees have become more focused on presenting strong personal brand. “Particularly as more people move out of typical employment relationship, they are thinking more about how to promote themselves and stand out in crowded workplace. Kiwis are also more aware of how fast the workplace is changing, and how they will position themselves to manage the change.”

According to the Kelly Index, almost three quarters of New Zealanders are prepared to spend their own money investing in training to improve their skills, rather than waiting for their employer to provide the training. This is particularly true of Kiwis approaching middle age.

More New Zealanders are also prepared to be flexible with their employment, with 60 percent believing they may be required to change careers at some stage in the future.

“The significant changes we have seen in the workplace over the past two decades, and the particular pressures of the recession, have seen New Zealanders evaluate their careers and skills very closely,” says Grenfell. “The survey results reflect an understanding that the days of job-for-life, and even career-for-life, are gone. Increasingly, many people will have several careers and, in all likelihood, will have to take greater personal responsibility for managing their careers and developing new skills.”

• The Kelly Global Workforce Index is an annual survey revealing opinions about work and the workplace from generational viewpoint. For more information visit

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