Bookcase: The Little Black Book of Management

•The Little Black Book of Management
•By Suzanne Turner • McGraw-Hill

As the author says in her introduction: “no one should read this book”. That was one of the fundamental reasons she wrote it – managers are just too busy to read books.
We wouldn’t normally review what is essentially simple compilation of management practices, catalogued in an easy-to-access guide. It may not be designed to read, but it can certainly be constantly referred to.
The Little Black Book of Management is an executive summary of 94 tried, tested and proven management concepts – everything from time management through to six sigma, waste minimisation and beyond.
It is conveniently packaged compendium of thoughtful yet concise explanations of management tools designed to meet three primary objectives: to find the most useful tool for the job; to provide balance of tool options to cover most business issues; and, to present the explanations in format that makes them quick and easy to find.
Each tool is presented in standard format. It describes when tool, the balanced scorecard for example, should be used; what you get from using it; the time it takes to set it up; the number of people for an effective trial; the equipment required to explain it; the methodology of the process; an example; an exercise; key points and other information including hints on how to use the tool – all explained in just two pages.
The author, Suzanne Turner, is management development consultant with her own business, Potenza. She wrote the book, she says, in response to persistent demands from managers she works with. She spent several years perfecting the presentation and refining the project matrix that recommends the tools managers should use to help accomplish particular projects.
Her aim, she also says, was to create “a concise and practical overview of useful business tools aimed at improving team and corporate performance”. Her goal may be tad ambitious and unquestionably difficult to measure, but every little helps in today’s time-starved management world.
A cleverly crafted guide that won’t take up much space on the desk.

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