BOOKCASE: Preparing for Take-off

• Bruce Russell
• Wired Internet Group
• Free on request

Either this is very clever marketing ploy or it’s the best free book I’ve ever read.
Starting car is as easy as turning the key and hearing the motor start. Using website should be the same, argues ‘user experience’ consultant Bruce Russell.
This guide to getting return on your online investment is smart little hardcover book that explains so many things you wondered about.
Like: Why should your IT department set up your website? “Managing information online is not actually about computers, it’s about communicating clearly, purposefully and effectively.”
Like: Why maintain two different sets of business information – one for customers and one for staff (your intranet)?
Like: Why is TradeMe so easy to use and other websites so hard? It’s because TradeMe has an unbeatable user experience.
If you’re about to set up or relaunch website, this is book you need to read.

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