BOOKCASE : Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion

Noah J Goldstein, Steve J Martin and Robert B Cialdini • Profile Books • RRP $32.99

Because. That’s what it all comes down to apparently. It’s probably bad form to give away secrets in review – but the thing which interested me most about this book was the challenge to come up with the one word which apparently increases your persuasiveness by over 50 percent. Yes, most people in the office thought it would be “please” (which I guess some would say just means we are rude, as that should always be included as matter of form). But it is “because” which makes sense really – it’s just that we hadn’t thought of it. Which is pretty much how this book operates: it seems to point out the obvious but in way which makes you go “oh, that makes sense”. Not bad at all.

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