The New Zealand Landlord’s Handbook
Managing Residential Rental Property.
By Frank Newman and Suzi Bilosh,
Pursuit Publishing.
Kiwis have fixation with owning rental property, and it’s certain-ly one of the most common forms of retirement savings in this country.
The thrust of this book is to help you work smarter, not harder at being landlord.

Net Ready
Strategies for Success in the
By Amir Hartman & John Sifonis with John Kador,
Yeah, yeah, you know you have to join the e-train but you have no idea where to start the journey or what you’ll look like when you get there.
This US best-seller, explains what the net-ready organisation will look like, how it will operate and how it will relate to other net-ready organisations.
The authors use the case study of how Cisco Systems revolutionised itself, to show how companies of any size can survive and thrive in the e-conomy.
Net Ready also tells you why you have to change your thinking about what traditionally works, and gives you roadmap to start the journey.
Authors Hartman and Sifonis are managing directors at Cisco’s Internet Business. Sifonis was keynote speaker at the Government’s e-Commerce Summit in November.
The 6 Dimensions of Leadership
By Andrew Brown, Random House, $39.95.
There are six dimensions to leadership says Professor Brown. Leaders are heroes who devote themselves to the collective good. They’re also actors, who can deliver convincing performances. They’re also visionaries, power-brokers, and ambassadors. And they’re also what Brown calls, willing victims. “Effective leaders are, when necessary, content to make personal sacrifice for the sake of cause in which they believe.”
Brown illustrates his thesis with the life stories of leaders such as Ray Kroc, Bill Gates, William J. Kellogg Anita Roddick, Andy Grove and many more.

Buyers Guide to New Zealand Wines 2001
By Michael Cooper,
Hodder Moa Beckett,
This ninth edit-ion is the biggest yet, covering over 1700 wines from the 1998 to 2000 vintages.

The Mystery of Capital
Why capitalism triumphs in the west and fails everywhere else.
By Hernando de Soto,
Bantam Press.
Peruvian de Soto is founder and president of the Institute of Liberty and Democracy, regarded by The Economist as the second most important think-tank in the world. The Mystery of Capital is the result of five years of research by de Soto and his team. They took to the streets of developing and former communist countries and discovered that although these nations have accumulated assets necessary for successful capitalism, they remain underdeveloped. Why is this?
For de Soto, the answer is ?the mystery of capital’ and the centrepiece of this book.

Living The 7 Habits
The courage to change.
By Stephen R. Covey.
The stories of people who applied the principles of Covey’s earlier book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to these challenges, and the remarkable things that resulted.

Practical Marketing in New Zealand
By Richard Gee,
Here’s text book where you can talk to the author if you get stuck. Yes, author Richard Gee has included an “interactive author”, so that if you want to discuss point or relate it to your business you can email him for feedback.
This practical text aims to tell you all you need to know to be great marketer in small to medium-based economies like New Zealand.

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