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Consumers will soon be able to know if wind energy was used to make the products they buy.
WindMade is an initiative leading to the first global consumer label identifying products made with wind energy. The driving force behind the initiative is the idea that one of the most important ingredients in product is the energy used to produce it.
WindMade supporters include the Global Wind Energy Council, WWF, the LEGO Group, the UN Global Compact, Vestas Wind Systems, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bloomberg.
While many companies have already made bold statements about their commitment to renewable energy, consumers have to date no way of verifying the source of the energy used. WindMade aims to offer them the transparency they need to make an informed choice.
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Ditlev Engel, CEO and president for Vestas Wind Systems who pioneered the WindMade initiative, says the idea is to build bridge between consumers and companies committed to clean energy, and give consumers the option to choose more sustainable products.
“We hope that this will create strong element of consumer pull which will accelerate the pace of wind energy development globally. We strongly encourage forward-looking companies to join us in this effort.”

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