CEOs and thought leaders on NZ in 2013

Sector leaders and those driving some of our largest and most successful enterprises will be identifying the issues and picking the trends that will characterise 2013, says NZ Management publisher Toni Myers.

“We have selected number of individuals – all successful in their own fields and with range of experience and global outlook – to give good overview of New Zealand’s economic and business prospects for the coming year.

“We have also asked them to give their views on where New Zealand should be headed and what changes would be required to facilitate that.”

Myers says the publication is aimed largely at business executives as they return to work and gear up for the new business year. “It’ll give some insights into what our most successful business leaders believe will be the key challenges and opportunities in 2013. Their views on what we should be aspiring to will also prove to be thought-provoking.”

This special issue of NZ Management magazine will be in bookshops in the last week of January.

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