CONTENTS: April 2009 • Vol 56 No 3

Cover Story: World Class Kiwis – Talented and tenacious
How do you get to be world class? In tough economic times, it becomes even more vital to delve into the recipes for Kiwi success, define common characteristics and do our damnedest to replicate what has helped take the 2009 World Class New Zealanders to the top of their game.
by Vicki Jayne

Face to Face: Geoff Bascand – Telling it like it is: Crunching The Numbers
In today’s deepening financial gloom you’d think the chief purveyor of statistics might feel like harbinger of bad news, but government statistician Geoff Bascand is optimistic about New Zealand’s future. And he has the figures to back that view.
by Vicki Jayne

Volatility: Managing in Volatile Times – Risk Review and M&A Strategies
In the second instalment of Deloitte’s five-part series on how to ride out the recession, Deloitte partners Richard Kirkland and Chas Cable talk about conducting risk review on your business and the impact of the recession on merger and acquisition strategy.

Profile: From The Goldfields To The World – The Pen Is Mightier
Peter Owens tells the story of Tuapeka Gold Print, once small Otago firm, which has new focus firmly on the global stage and is on the verge of taking on the Australian market.

Christine Rankin – Still Lighting The Flame, From Benefit to Boardroom

The public service leader once mainly known for her dangly earrings and racy dress sense is now set on transforming New Zealand private enterprise. She tells Brent Leslie about her new life.

Redundancy And Your Next Remuneration Package – Making It Work For You

If redundancy is looming in your vicinity, you may be forgiven for thinking that the salary package for your next job is the last thing you should be considering right now. Your focus is much more likely to be on negotiating an exit package, if and when you are compelled to do so. But, as Janet Ison explains, this is actually the perfect time to work out what you want in your next package.

The Director

Editor’s Letter: Top Of Their Game
In Touch: Comment On: Government Bailouts
On the Move
Executive Development
NZIM: Forget The Crisis. Focus On Fundamentals – Reg Birchfield

Just Good Business

Guides and Rules
Profile: Resene Paints
Sustainability: The Roar Of Business On Climate Change: Get On With It


Economics: Tale Of Two Messages – Bob Edlin
Politics: Making Regulation Work Better – Colin James
Bookcase – Ellen Read


Consultation: When Colleagues Attack – Kevin Gaunt
Employment Law: Personal Grievances Minimising the Risk – Greg Cain and Amy Cunningham
Ten Top Tips: Tips For Business And Asset Financing – Mike Fickling

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