Contents : August 2009 • Vol 56 No 7

Editor’s Letter
In Touch: News; Managers Abroad: Linley Watson
On the Move
Executive Development
NZIM: How Capable Are Kiwi Managers? Doug Matheson

Just Good Business
• News
• Sustainability: Smart Firms Will Embrace The Economic, Climate And Energy Crises Peter on
• Profile: On Track For Sustainable Future

• Books: What Would Google Do?
Reg Birchfield
• Economics: Controlling The Kiwi
Bob Edlin
• Politics: Local Grumbles – National Liability?
Colin James
• Thought Leader: Is Employee Engagement Enough?
Ian Macrae and Sam Dawson
• Health: Why Health = Wealth
Peter Tynan

Consultation: How To Spot Bad Stress
Kevin Gaunt

Cover Story
New Zealand’s Grey Quake – Causes Workforce Cracks
At time when unemployment is rising and redundancies are rife, it’s hard to imagine future where New Zealand’s skillbase is patchily stretched over workforce needs – with gaping holes appearing in some sectors and within specific age groups. But that’s reality highlighted by recent research. Where will the problems occur – and how best to fix them? by Pauline Herbst

Face to Face
Jenny Shipley: Life After Politics
Once you’ve crossed “run country as New Zealand’s first female Prime Minister” off your list of goals, where to next? For Jenny Shipley, the end of her political career started whole new story. by Pauline Herbst

Rock-Solid, Red And Well-led: Where values rule
You’d have to be colour blind not to spot that “red” is colour du corps at Vodafone’s Auckland HQ. But where does it fit in its value spectrum? And what does that have to do with its long-running leadership programme? by Vicki Jayne

NZIM’s Focus on Management
Young Executive of the Year finalists announced; Member comment from Ralph Penning; Regional roundup; and, What Where When.

Case Study
Tanzania Turnaround: Third World Case Study
How do you rescue an organisation that isn’t servicing its million-dollar debt, hasn’t had an AGM in years, and lacks governance policies, strategic planning, business plan and budget? Plus – it’s in poor African country. Alan Schofield was up for the challenge.

Global Lounge
Cross-Cultural Credibility: From Australia to Africa
This new series interviews senior management from the international arena, either in transit as they fly through New Zealand, or on their own stamping ground. Pauline Herbst quizzes Ola Nilsson about snap decisions and multicultural management.

Business Insurance
The Risk Gap: Is Kiwi business under-insured?
Risks to businesses are growing but budgets are shrinking. Is there danger that more Kiwi enterprise will fall through the risk gap? by Vicki Jayne

Exec tech: An App Day
For those who think phone is just for calling people, think again. Whether you want to track time or appointments, consult map or strategy guru, your smart phone is useful management tool. Pauline Herbst tracks 10 useful apps on Apple’s iPhone 3G.

The Director
• Boardtalk: Coral Ingley – Feudal Fortunes
Reg Birchfield
• Governance In Not-For-Profits: It Starts With Fiduciary Responsibility
James Lockhart
• Limited Liability Companies: How Protected Are You?
Rodney Craig and Campbell Featherstone

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