As I see it: Mike Perrett

Mike Perrett is the national sales director of HRV

How would you describe the New Zealand identity?
Too many New Zealanders have “she’ll be right” attitude and this complacency is working against us. We tend to admire other nations’ achievements before recognising local successes. We are proud nation but the undercurrent of tall poppy syndrome is slowly diminishing our patriotism. New Zealand has lot going for it and we need to stay loyal, buy NZ-made and celebrate our achievements.

What will be our next major challenge?
New Zealand is in better position than most countries since the global recession, but we are at risk of not capitalising on this. New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of investment in research and development in the OECD. The previous government focused more on the arts rather than fostering innovation and new technologies. It also created culture of resentment towards success and reliance on legislation above free-thinking and common sense. We need to actively seek out brilliant ideas and individuals who can help New Zealand emerge as global scientific leader – and not just in the fields of agriculture and tourism.

What do we need to do to prepare ourselves for this?
We must invest in new technologies and ensure innovative, research-focused businesses are well supported. We need to embrace New Zealand expertise, hold onto our brightest stars, and support local businesses. And finally we need to rekindle the passion and excitement for our work and bring back the Kiwi number eight wire mentality that we seem to have lost. Our entrepreneurial spirit is something to be celebrated and nurtured – we must support great ideas and stop creating road blocks.

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