Contents : February 2011

INBOX: New and views
FOCUS: Top 200 photos
AS I SEE IT: Claire Szabó, English Language Partners
NZIM: strategy to attract international Kiwi managers. Kevin Gaunt


POLITICS: Key – the step-by-step changer. Colin James
ECONOMICS: Those bothersome forecasts. Bob Edlin
THOUGHT LEADER: Michael Barnett
BOOKCASE: Man for all seasons: The life and times of Ken Douglas. Reg Birchfield. The happiness advantage: The seven principles that fuel success and performance at work. Ruth Le Pla


EXEC HEALTH: All present. Peter Tynan
10 TOP TIPS: Manage precious relationships. Sarah Heal


Kiwi lessons from iwi governance
Iwi are exploring new governance models in post-Treaty settlement world, says
Whare Akuhata.


Maori Business : Lessons from the whale watchers
A bunch of businesses are benefitting from having tikanga Māori principles at their core.
Katherine Ryan.

Succession: Y are we waiting?
Generation Y is nimble, tech savvy and keen to take the reins, but as Steve Hart discovers, their casual approach to commitment and work style may be barrier to their professional development.

Face to Face : Michael Stedman – Natural storyteller
Michael Stedman knows what can happen to an organisation when the handbrake of mindless bureaucracy is released. He talks about vision, belief and how to avoid becoming one-trick pony.

Ethics: Business ethics does pay
Companies with codes of ethics perform better and are more admired by their peers, says Philippa Foster Back, director of the UK Institute of Business Ethics. During trip to New Zealand, she talked to Peter Jessup about our law and business ethics.

Realtionships : Long tenure – thin contract
Why do so many business partnerships crash and burn? Trevor Nash’s recent University of Auckland MBA research project reveals the importance of trust, the counterintuitive use of thin contracts, and how our Kiwi traits mesh well with Asian values.

Power : Beyond office politics
Power is about getting things done. Louisa Walker explains how to cultivate positive political power at work.

NZIM’s Focus On Management
Applied learning delivers immediate benefits; Wilfred Jarvis on Leadership; Regional news; Upcoming management courses.

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Business benefits of privacy

Privacy Week (13-17 May) is a great time to consider the importance of privacy and to help ensure you and your company have good privacy practices in place, writes Privacy

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