1Editor’s Letter: It’s the People
4In Touch: Comment On: Productivity
16On the Move
17Executive Development
28NZIM: Recognising Talent
Reg Birchfield
Just Good Business
21SUSTAINABILITY: Through New Green Lens
Nick Jones
22SUSTAINABILITY: Cow Pats Earning $300,000 – Should We Complain?
Peter Neilson
19Thought Leader: Why Culture Counts
Simon Green
24Economics: Policies Shift As Jobs Shrink
Bob Edlin
25Politics: Now For Truly Taxing Questions
Colin James
27Books: Outliers – The Story of Success
Vicki Jayne
58Consultation: Assertive Challenged – and Travel Stressed
Kevin Gaunt
59Employment Law: Protecting Your Business Using Restraint Of Trade
David Hood
60Ten Top Tips: Protecting Your Business Against Key Customer Defaults
David Levin and Michael Bos
Digital Economy
– More Than Pipe Dream
Build an infrastructure and the money will follow? When it comes to broadband, we may be focusing too much on the structural piece of the plot and forgetting how we might best use it. Does our national debate on broadband need to switch tack? by Ruth Le Pla


36 Social Media – When Context Is King
How does management take advantage of the rapidly growing social media space? Some suggestions emerged at recent travel expo in Berlin. by Annie Gray

37Focus On Management

45Managing in Volatile Times – Counting Costs
In the fourth instalment of Deloitte’s five-part series on how best to ride out the recession, Matthew Hitch discusses the role of the supply chain and looks at approaches to extract more from your business – despite having fewer resources and Thomas Pippos speaks about some of the taxation themes his team is observing in the current market.

48Tony Paine – Values At Heart
It may be hard to measure intangibles but there’s little doubt that passion provides the beating heart of not-for-profit organisations like Victim Support – and that, says CEO Tony Paine, is their strength.
by Vicki Jayne

52Managing Up – How Subordinates Influence
As Joan Welsh famously said – “influence is what you think you have until you try to use it”. So just how can and do subordinates seek to influence their managers? by Susan Geertshuis, Helena Cooper-Thomas and Rachel Morrison

54Business In The Jetstream – Flights Of Fancy
Travel budgets might be shrinking but airlines are still firmly focused on giving top-flight customers service that meets their needs for minimum-hassle, maximum-comfort journeys. by Vicki Jayne

61The Director

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Business benefits of privacy

Privacy Week (13-17 May) is a great time to consider the importance of privacy and to help ensure you and your company have good privacy practices in place, writes Privacy

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