Contents: November 2011

Cover Story
Super sizing Auckland – NZ’s biggest corporate transformation
The size of the task is enormous, the scrutiny intense – so, one year in, how does Auckland Council CEO Doug McKay rate his progress on the biggest corporate transformation in New Zealand’s history? Vicki Jayne asks.

Top 200 Thinking 2011
Harnessing the brainpower of our leaders to activate transformation.
John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand… The opportunities for our country are endless.

Face to Face: David G Thomson – the billion-dollar man
According to American management guru and growth champion David G Thomson, more than any other single factor, sales define growth businesses. America’s growth guru was in Auckland recently and talked with Reg Birchfield.

Impact Asia: Green dominance – Asia takes the initiative
Asia is carving out for itself an independent and very pragmatic sphere of influence in international environmental regulation and trade in renewable technologies. What does that mean for New Zealand? By Ruth Le Pla.

Professional Development: It’s all about team work
Hayley Barnett looks at how business and academia can work together more effectively. Both academics and business leaders say maintaining an equal partnership is the key to New Zealand’s long-term success.

PLUS: Bi-annual Professional Development Guide

The Director
Changing of the guard: The IoD’s Ralph Chivers
Raising governance standards and the reputation of directors are the key drivers for Ralph Chivers in his new role as CEO of the Institute of Directors.

The challenge of choosing the CEO
Choosing chief executive is board’s single, most important task. New global leadership competency trends are making the selection of the best person for the job harder for Australasian boards. Reg Birchfield talked to Hay Group’s Signe Spencer and Nicholas Conigrave.

The governance myth: Size matters
New Zealand’s SMEs are this country’s greatest potential economic resource, says Jens Mueller. To grow, they need to accept the advice and support of knowledgeable and experienced board members.

Governing is not easy
Ron Scott, author of the recently published book, The New Director, explains why it’s not easy being director.

INBOX: New and views
FOCUS: Most Reputable Organisation Awards presentation
AS I SEE IT: Raelene Castle
NZIM: Backing the best Reg Birchfield

POLITICS: Serving up big changes in the public sector
Colin James
ECONOMICS: peek in The CPI basket
Bob Edlin
LEADERSHIP: Vote for trust
Reg Birchfield
MANAGING SUSTAINABLY: Share our vision for the future
Alice Andrew, Laura Fayernan
THOUGHT LEADER: Collaborate & cooperate to grow
Henry Lynch
BOOKCASE: The billion-dollar man; Thesis survivor stories
Reg Birchfield, Roger Garrett

EXEC HEALTH: healthy incentive
Peter Tynan
TOP TIPS: Inspire your team
Mark Wager

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