THE DAILY DRUCKER : Beyond the Information Revolution

There is service waiting to be born.

The truly revolutionary impact of the information revolution is just beginning to be felt. But it is not “information” that fuels this impact. It is something that practically no one foresaw or even talked about 15 or 20 years ago: e-commerce – that is, the explosive emergence of the internet as major, perhaps eventually the major, worldwide distribution channel for goods, for services, and, surprisingly, for managerial and professional jobs. This is profoundly changing economies, markets, and industry structures; products and services and their flow; consumer segmentation, consumer values, and consumer behaviour; jobs and labour markets. New and unexpected industries will no doubt emerge, and fast. There is service waiting to be born.

Action point: Fast forward to 2015. What are three entirely new businesses that will emerge in your industry from technological developments that you can identify today?

Managing the Next Society

Extracted from
Peter Drucker’s book
The Daily Drucker.

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