Editorial: Risks & rewards

How fast year flits by. Just one year ago I returned to NZ Management magazine just in time to catch the tail end of that year’s Top 200 Awards. I was back on board to see the judges in action, help compile the stories of success and celebrate the wins on the night.
Year after year, these awards serve as heady end-point to another cycle of endeavour and achievement by the crème de la crème of New Zealand’s business leaders. This time round, I’ve been able to track the stories every inch of the way throughout the year. And what challenging year it’s been.
It’s been year in which the new realities of very different world have bitten deep and hard into many organisations. It’s been year overshadowed by continuing economic concerns: fraying Eurozone, shaky US economy and slowing China. Plays by Kiwi managers are locked into huge external market shifts as new technologies, and our Free Trade Agreements, bind New Zealand more closely to the rest of the world.
We’re collectively starting to tune in to opportunities beyond our shores. An even more heart-warming idea is that some, just some, New Zealand business leaders are realising the answer to some of their concerns lies right beneath their noses. They’re starting to wise up to the opportunities to engage with the pool of talented, qualified new migrants from the very countries with which they’re struggling to connect.
It’s been another year of stellar examples of how strong partnerships and engagement with stakeholders can provide lifeline for many: as long as they choose wisely and nurture well.
It’s been year in which the need for strong talent management has reigned top of the agenda for so many business leaders. Government-led changes, cutbacks and regulations: these, and so many other themes have been woven through our daily working lives this year.
So let’s celebrate what we’ve managed to achieve against such backdrop, take on board the insights that such times generously provide and move on.
For my part, I’ve been humbled by the generosity of so many people prepared to share their thoughts and expertise. Any magazine is merely reflection of the strength of its relationships with others. So it falls to me to express the thanks of every one of us here for all your help.
I doubt next year will herald in smoother waters or challenge-free times. So now is the time to kick back and relax. I plan to come back refreshed and ready to take on 2013 and all that it can throw at us. Bring it on.

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