While some people painstakingly try to think outside the square, others can effortlessly see kaleidoscope of opportunities. The latter would be true of the 17 young leaders profiled in this month’s cover story. All are under 35 years of age, and their collective stories of vision, charisma and enterprise bode well for our nation’s future.
They are very diverse group. But there are some common threads. Many, for example, have from very early age worked outside of traditional boundaries and frameworks to achieve their goals. While many leaders thrive when problems are thrust upon them, this bunch of young souls will happily create their dreams from scratch. As Vicki Watson, programme director at the Sir Peter Blake Trust, commented in one of our many discussions on the topic, they seem to have no concept that something can’t be done.
This month’s focus on leadership is our contribution to the inaugural New Zealand Leadership Week which runs from 15 to 21 July. The concentration of events is designed to raise awareness of leadership’s role in growing vibrant, diverse and successful New Zealand.
Fanning out across the country, events kick off with the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Awards in Wellington and include lively mix of presentations, debates and panel discussions at breakfast, cocktail and dinner functions throughout the week. Full details are on www.nzleadershipweek.org
Leadership attributes are not, of course, the sole domain of those who have been on this planet for less than 35 years. For 16 years now, the Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 Awards have celebrated the crème de la crème of New Zealand business. This year’s campaign is well underway and seats are already being booked for the black tie dinner in Auckland on November 23. This lot clearly like to plan ahead. (More details on www.management.co.nz/top200/
Ethical behaviour is an important component of any business. This year, our awards are being repositioned to reflect the growing recognition that business ethics starts with the board. The 2006 Kensington Swan Ethical Governance Awards acknowledge the increasing recognition of business ethics at the most senior levels of business leadership. One of the judges, Rodger Spiller, explains it all in his article on page 70 of this issue. (There is more information on the awards on page 55 or go to www.management.co.nz/top200/ethicalgovernance.asp
For executives under 35 we have our own awards too: entries for the NZIM/Eagle Technology Young Executive of the Year Award are now open. (For more details see page 42 or go online to www.management.co.nz/top200/YoungExec.asp)
Meanwhile, our scheduled issue of Management Woman (MW) is taking break and will reappear shortly in revised format. I’m also taking short break over the next few weeks to check out issues of very relaxing nature in France. I’ll be back soon, fully recharged and ready for business.

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