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here’s no denying that videoconferencing is catching on fast in the business world. I particularly enjoy the advert on television that features woman executive beaming into an e-meeting from her holiday bach.
Nowadays e-meetings can be conducted almost anywhere. For example, in the city of Tampere, Finland company has designed sauna with videoconferencing facilities. web camera and microphone reside in the sauna, while monitor sits outside the window. In this city internet usage (70 percent of the population) and sauna usage (100 percent, and where many business decisions are made) is such regular part of everyday life that combining the two has hardly caused ripple.
The VC industry is on roll, as we reveal in our special videoconferencing feature this month. The technology is becoming more pervasive (with wireless functionality now available) and less expensive, and it’s coming to room near you.
Glenn Baker
Email: [email protected]

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