Executive Indulgence

Moet & Chandon has been in the wine business for 250 years. Every so often they turn out something special and this year it is pink bubbly.
Launched in New Zealand in October, Moet & Chandon Brut Rose is stylish, sophisticated and classic combination of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. Connoisseurs describe it as, “… dangerously more-ish with the emphasis on the fresh strawberry aroma and red berry fruit flavours of pinot noir, whilst pinot meunier and chardonnay create delicately creamy, textured mousse”.
This is the ideal aperitif wine. Enjoy it with simple lamb dishes or sucking pig, tomatoes or aubergines garnished of course with thyme and olives. Selling for $95, Moet & Chandon Rose is the perfect indulgence for sunny summer days.
After contemplating the ideal food accompaniments for great wine, turn to Gourmet Direct and order it. This purveyor of “exquisite cuisine” has released another catalogue of its premium cuts of meat, game, poultry and salmon and it’ll deliver them to your door – beach house or central city apartment.
Gourmet Direct specialises in overnight delivery of lamb, unquestionably ideal as match for the Moet – beef and cervena. Gourmet Direct is licensed so customers can include fine wines in their orders. Trial packs are available for as little as $45 plus $9.95 delivery.
There’s no more satisfying, rewarding or emotional expression of genuine indulgence than investment in top fashion adornments – specifically diamonds. The perfect ring says all there is to say about yourself or someone close to you. At Antheas, jewellers and platinum smiths in Auckland’s Remuera, they make some of the finest diamond rings and earrings you’ll find anywhere – here or abroad.
There isn’t any more tangible or heart-felt expression of just how important you consider someone to be than to indulge them in diamonds brilliantly and fashionably displayed.
You can take the watch out of Switzerland but not the Swiss out of the world’s most outstanding watches – no matter how hard other country’s try.
Tissot has just released its Bellflower Edition (steel) – an exclusive and luxuriously designed range with opal white dial and the typical leaf design of the Bellflower collection.
After the wine, the food and the fashion, relax into some entertainment, courtesy of the ultimate technological indulgence – new digital LCD television displays from Sharp. Their latest offering – the new 28-inch (70.8cm) wide screen LCD monitor – provides stunning, picture-perfect view of our not-so-far-away future.
This technology is not just revolutionising home entertainment, it’s also changing lifestyles.
Sharp’s LCD technology is more than just monitor for watching tv. Use it for watching DVDs or playing video games – or other applications such as connecting to security cameras, creating closed circuit tv or hooking up to your PC.

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