Executive Indulgences Go on, spoil yourself

Marque of recognition

Cars, for any self-respecting executive, are the heart and soul of recognition. And you can’t get any more serious about recognition than Maserati. In that regard the ideal offering in this particular Christmas package is the new Maserati Coup.

This 4.2-litre aluminium alloy V8 engine that comfortably whips one to four passengers and boot full of golf clubs from zero to 100 km/h in fraction under five seconds and tips top speed at 285km/h, takes some beating. The Coup, launched in New Zealand in August, is the most comprehensively advanced car in the high-performance GT sector, according to its Italian designers.

This is not just great body and high-performance indulgence. It’s also stylish collection of innovations. It comes with six-speed transmission, both manual and electronically activated, with computerised selection. For the technically inclined, it is system called Cambiocorsa, activated by levers behind the steering wheel which let the driver choose between sporty stick shift or full automatic.

Inside, the Coup satisfies every expectation you could reasonably ask of stable that now produces both Maserati and Ferrari marques. Twenty-five millimetres higher and with 15mm extra length in front compared with the 3200 Coup it replaces, the cockpit is roomy and comfortably complete with plush leather, elegant trim and smart instrumentation. The Coup delivers ride to remember, enhanced by the Maserati Info Centre with its CD stereo, onboard computer, climate control and, as an option, GPS navigation and telephone module. And, say its distributors Continental Cars, you can personalise this gift to yourself – from upholstery and trim to high-performance stereo and even the colour of the brake callipers. It is even possible to create custom-blended paint job or have your signature engraved on the doors sills. Now that’s what we call executive indulgence.

Traditional rewards

Some indulgences, diamonds for instance, are forever. Antheas, nestled comfortably in the heart of Auckland’s Remuera village, hasn’t exactly been around for ever but it is in every sense bedrocked in the best of jewellery tradition. As its owner Murray Smith explains; “I’m very much the old school jeweller, where you have relationships with your customers for life. I’ve been in the business for 42 years but the tradition has been in my family for hundred.”

Antheas is one of those jewellery stores executives bent on finding something special head for. Its speciality is in providing top quality diamond jewellery. It’s the place to visit when you want one-of-a-kind gift, for you or for your nearest and dearest.

At Antheas you can choose your own design or select from an outstanding array of rings and earrings. There is range of diamonds in either classic or modern designs tucked away to help you compare styles and quality. They will even source diamonds from Europe or you can have your own remodelled to preserve your investment. Each piece is handmade by one of New Zealand’s most experienced platinum smiths.

Murray Smith has watched the trends in diamond jewellery change and says that after 30 years they’ve reverted to “classic styles set in platinum”. Platinum has always been the best metal in which to set diamonds – “offering twice the life of gold and retaining its whiteness”. Some traditions and indulgences bring their own rewards.

Blue is beautiful

Conviviality stylishly presented is an indulgence you can always feel great about. The right mix of special drink, special company and stylish presentation takes some topping.

Take Bombay Sapphire. It’s very special gin blended in England using 100 percent grain spirit, 10 exotic botanicals (most other gins use four or five) and unique distillation process. Unlike other gins which “boil” their botanicals together with the spirit, Bombay Sapphire has unique vapour infusion process which ultimately creates complex, subtle, balanced taste. This gin has an incomparable aroma, crisp taste and is whisper clean on the palate leaving an elegant subtle aftertaste – ideal for making conversation-enhancing martini.

Bombay Sapphire is also piece of design. Its distinctive, stylish blue bottle features in the best bars around the world. The brand has strongly supported the design community. Internationally renowned contemporary design personalities like furniture designer Dakota Jackson; painter, sculptor and photographer Hilton McConnico; and our own fashion designer, Karen Walker, have turned their inspiration to creating unique expressions of the martini glass for Bombay Sapphire. The glasses were subsequently auctioned at gala event in Sydney to raise money for breast cancer.

A bottle of cool blue Bombay Sapphire, an elegant martini glass, an olive and someone you want to spend some special time with. What more appealing and personal indulgence could you think of?

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