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New Zealanders don’t believe the country has plan to manage major rise in freight volumes over the next 30 years. Some 53 percent of business people don’t think there’s plan, while only 10.4 percent think there is. Only 9.8 percent of all New Zealanders think there’s plan to manage the volume and allow the economy to grow, while properly managing congestion.
From what you know personally, does New Zealand have plan to manage 70-100% growth in freight over the next 30 years?
SENIOR Business
All New Zealanddecision makers
Don’t know51.2%36.6%
Source: ShapeNZ December 14, 2010, to February 11, 2011. National online weighted survey of 2100 respondents and sub group of 540 business executives, managers, professionals, proprietors and self employed. Maximum margins of error +/- 2.2% on the national sample, 4.3% on decision maker sample. www.shapenz.org.nz, www.nzbcsd.org.nz ShapeNZ is operated by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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