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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 6th July 2012

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We grapple with the issue of diversity in our workplaces this week and in particular the lack of it at management level and on boards. Much of the focus to date has been on gender but what about ethnic diversity given some demographic experts are telling us that people of European descent will make up as little as third of the population of Auckland by 2050? And just how hard is it for women to make it to the top and maintain family/life/work balance? Read more »

What about ethnic diversity?

While gender diversity within our corporations continues to garner plenty of media attention – highlighted by NZX’s much trumpeted move this week requiring listed companies to disclose the gender composition of their boards and executive teams – ethnic diversity continues to fly under the radar as Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) survey shows.  Read more »

NZX’s new gender diversity initiative welcomed

The NZX’s new Diversity Listing Rule is described as groundbreaking step in New Zealand by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and has also been applauded by the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust. Read more »

Work-life balance difficult for women leaders

Anne-Marie Slaughter

A former Harvard law professor who gave up her high-flying State Department job because of family demands says women still can’t have it all. Read more »

Research shows majority of employers using 90-day trial period

New research by the Department of Labour shows more employers are using the 90-day trial period to reduce the risk of taking on new employees. Read more »

Managers biggest fibbers of all

New Zealand managers are three times as likely to lie about their qualifications than other workers, according to research commissioned by talent assessment solutions company, SHL. Read more »

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