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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 5th April 2013

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KPMG and Grant Thornton International both highlight Kiwi companies’ growing propensity toward mergers and acquisitions…

LMA’s latest Leadership, Employment and Direction (L.E.A.D.) research pinpoints widening differences in thinking about personal versus global futures. Message to managers: it pays to empower your people…

What really makes Kim Dotcom and his colleagues tick? NZ Management magazine goes behind the hype in series of exclusive interviews with the Mega team… Read more »

Kiwis lift their urge to merge

Kiwi companies have got back their zest for merger and acquisition deals. 

KPMG’s latest M&A Predictor survey shows New Zealand corporates are now “markedly” more confident about, and have stronger appetite for, merger and acquisition deals.

KPMG NZ’s head of mergers and acquisitions Tony McNaught says this reflects the improving global environment. “There’s lot more certainty in America and Europe compared to 12 months ago,” he says. Read more »

SMEs keen on offshore M&As

Like their larger counterparts, NZ’s SMEs are also checking out overseas options to merge and acquire: or be acquired.

Research from the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) shows more Kiwi companies are considering cross-border mergers and acquisitions as they look to build scale and gain access to new geographic markets. Read more »

Future thinking reveals “chasm of confidence”

When it comes to thinking about the future, senior executives are more positive about what will happen to themselves or their organisation than they are about possible developments at national or global level.

According to LMA’s latest Leadership, Employment and Direction (L.E.A.D.) research, major “chasm of confidence” about the future has opened up.  Read more »

Mega trouble or Mega opportunity?

Our political masters and much of the business establishment would have us believe that Dotcom and his colleagues are

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