ROB FYFE LUNCH: The finalists of last year’s NZIM/Eagle Technology Young Executive of the Year got together with 2009 Top 200 Executive of the Year Rob Fyfe for an informal chat over lunch at Jervois Steak House on May 5, hosted by NZ Management magazine.
The finalists were Dave Larsen (2009 winner who has just been promoted to general manager of Rayglass), Dan Coward and Tracey Berry.
1. Jervois Steakhouse mains.
2. Toni Myers (left) and Rob Fyfe.
3. Sponsors and guests.
4. From left Karen Torjussen, Tracey Berry, Corallie Eagle.
5. From left Rob Fyfe, Dave Larsen, Brenda Ward and Tania Vela.
6. Dan Coward (left) and Dave Larsen.

TOP 200: The 2010 Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 campaign was launched at Euro, Auckland on May 4.
7. Katherine Percy (left) and Michael Crampin.
8. From left Karen Torjussen, Brenda Ward, Jayne Richardson, Cassandra Worrall.
9. Toni Myers (left) and Michael Crampin.
10. Val Graham, QBE Insurance.
11. Speeches at Euro 12 Fabulous Euro finger food.

VERO AWARDS: The Vero Excellence in Business Support Awards were held at the Auckland Town Hall on May 20.
1. Timua Brennan and the Raukura Maori Group.
2. The setting for the Vero Awards black tie dinner.
3. At NZ Management magazine’s table: Rear, from left, Clara Iqbal, Tania Vela, Brenda Ward and Sonya Crosby, front, Fran Marshall, Robert Johnson, Toni Myers, Megan Barclay.
4. From left, Sir Ron Carter, Lady Beverley Reeves, Sir Paul Reeves.
5. From left, Ian Walker, Robyn Speer and Roger Bell, all of Vero.
6. From left, Hilary and Mark Robotham, and Craig Gregory.
7. From left, Campbell Wright, Andrew Somerville.
8. Co-MC Carol Hirschfeld.
9. George Frazis, Mike Hearn, Sarah Trotman, managing director of award organizer Bizzone.
10. Sarah Trotman, Craig Lamberton, Nigel Varcoe.
11. Michelle Lewis, John Mayson, Steven Caunce.
12. Designworks, Supreme Award winners, with the Prime Minister: Chris Meade, Michael Crampin, Sven Baker group CEO of Designworks, Roger Bell chief executive of Vero, Noel Blackwell, PM John Key, Nicki Chapman and Shayne Priddle.

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