At Leadership NZ’s cafe conversation on climate change:
1. Karen Dobric, Maurice Boland and Helen Robinson; 2. Morgan Williams (Future Steps) explains why the world urgently needs to reduce its carbon footprint;
3. Rachel Dobric (17) youth representative to the UN’s climate change conference; 4. Chris Mulcare (Investment NZ) presents compelling case for clean technology; 5. Laurence Boomert (Smart Planet) with our new planetary flag.
Kea World Class NZ Awards: 6. John Key, Kea chairperson Stephen Tindall and Friend of NZ winner, Julian Robertson, 7. John Key, Supreme Winner Prof. Richard Faull and Barry Marlow from Industrial Research; 8. Mayor of Wellington Kerry Prendergast and Rex Nicholls; 9. Richard Faull (second from left) with brothers Gavin, Bernard and Allan.

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