Future thinking reveals “chasm of confidence”

The study’s more detailed findings include:

Personal outlook
• 50% of respondents are highly confident about their job security (rated 8-10 out of 10);
• 46% are highly confident about their personal financial security (rated 8-10 out of 10).

Organisation outlook
• 59% are highly confident about their organisation’s future (rated 8-10 out of 10);
• 57% believe their organisation is growing (compared with 29% who believe it is holding steady, 10% shrinking and 4% just surviving).

Domestic economy outlook
• 29% rated their confidence in strength of their economy highly (8-10 out of 10);
• 14% rated their confidence in the state of politics in Australia/New Zealand highly (8-10 out of 10).

World/global economy outlook
• 11% rated their confidence in the strength of the world economy highly (8-10 out of 10).

Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) draws its findings from the survey responses of around 1500 business leaders/senior managers, middle managers/supervisors and non-managerial employees in Australia and New Zealand.

It says the difference in confidence levels is “vast”. 

Asked to rate aspects of their personal outlook out of 10, 46% to 50% of people scored themselves “highly confident” 8 to 10 ranking. 

In similar exercise, 57% to 59% of these same people were highly confident about key attributes of their organisation.

This compared to the domestic economy (29%), domestic politics (14%) and the wider world picture (11%).

“Clearly we take very different view of our personal/local situation when compared to the bigger landscape,” says LMA.

The organisation says the study “reveals how deeply employees in Australian and New Zealand organisations have internalised the difficult current economic circumstances”.

“The survey suggests the future varies quite considerably depending on each individual’s perspective.”

In light of the findings, LMA advises leaders and managers to look for ways to support and reinforce positive self-belief in their people. It suggests organisations:

• Look to bring the locus of control closer to the individual; and

• Communicate about both the organisation’s and the individual’s future.

According to LMA, most people seek three things when choosing an organisation, job or career.

• Something to believe in – meaningful purpose and values they can share and embrace;


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