Green & growth must go together

“The CBI report is further evidence, following on from Pure Advantage’s own New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race report, that green is now driving completely new growth,” says Pure Advantage.

Representing over 240,000 British businesses, including more than 80 percent of the FTSE 100 and some of the UK’s biggest emitters, the CBI is the UK’s largest business lobby group.

Its director-general John Cridland describes the so-called ‘choice’ between going green or going for growth as false one. “We are increasingly hearing that politicians are for one or the other, when in reality, with the right policies in place, green business will be major pillar of our future growth.”

New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race demonstrated that the global green race is potentially worth $6 trillion globally. The geothermal industry alone is set to be worth $40 billion by 2020.

The report highlights how each country must develop its own green growth formula, by addressing key environmental performance deficiencies and building on areas of core competitive advantage.

Pure Advantage advocates that private industry must take the lead in New Zealand and although government has the ability to greatly accelerate green growth, any strategy must not be dependent on government support.

Pure Advantage says the CBI report’s most important lesson is that green growth will require industry leadership and vision. “If New Zealand wants to get ahead in the green race, corporates need to take the lead.”

Download both the full CBI report ‘The Colour of Growth’ and Pure Advantage’s first report ‘New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race’ at


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