As I See It: Hard work pays off

What one piece of advice would you give to young person wanting to accelerate their career in business?
Have goal. Without this, it’s hard to know if your career is accelerating or not. Have checkpoints to monitor your progress. From this you can see how close you are to achieving your goal and, most importantly, what you need to improve to achieve it. Also, work hard. Good things happen to those who wait but greater things happen to those who work hard. Do what you enjoy. If you have passion for something it won’t feel like work.

How could senior business leaders help career-minded young people more effectively?
It would be great if senior business leaders were able to hold networking functions during the year, aimed at advising and sharing wisdom with young upcoming business people. We can learn many things about the business world in text books and the internet, but we can learn so much more from the people who live in the business world and by doing it ourselves. Giving young people chance to experience new things will motivate and inspire them.

If you could turn back the clock what’s the one career-related decision that you would undo?
If I were to undo any career-related decision, chances are that I may not be as passionate about business as I am today. There’s always room for improvement. I haven’t had much experience yet in the business world but I do believe that you should continue to learn and reflect on what you are doing. Learn from your mistakes but don’t let them stop you from achieving in the future. M

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