Inbox: Bend it like a Kiwi

Friday night drinks are fine, but what working Kiwis really want is flexible working hours. So say the 1139 people who responded to the latest Watercooler poll on
An overwhelming 61 percent of respondents listed flexible working hours as their favourite non-monetary job perk.
The poll, which asked respondents what their favourite non-monetary employment benefit would be, found that after flexible working hours, 28 percent of Kiwis would like the chance to take training and development courses, six percent want Friday night drinks, and just five percent chose subsidised lunches.
“Kiwis particularly value having degree of flexibility in their working hours. In many cases, this allows them to combine career with other aspects of their life that are important to them,” comments Janet Faulding, general manager of Seek New Zealand.
Technology has enabled employers to offer more in the way of flexible working. Portable workstations, smartphones and remote access mean that employees are now able to log on and work from home or in different offices.
“Firms that tailor their employee benefit schemes to meet the individual needs of their employees are also likely to see increased levels of engagement and motivation,” says Faulding. “The perfect package is not just about pay and the more firms recognise this, the more they are likely to succeed in attracting, retaining and motivating good staff.” M

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